“Build it, and they will come” only works in the movies. Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them and they may come and stay.” – Seth Godin, author & marketing expert

Source: Inc. com via Getty Images

Perhaps the greatest dilemma of the global pandemic is the expulsion of traditional businesses that require mobile customers to engage with their offline services. The rise of the new decade might render into the fall of the conventional practices that are now exposed to high ineffectiveness and limited reach. 2020 is the year of eCommerce- the brand new and lush dimension of the digital economy. 

In recent years, consumers have craved the comfort of online services and eShopping. Let it be eLearning, add to cart on Amazon or just streaming Stranger Things on Netflix- the online industries are skyrocketing and small start-ups are transforming into industries. The phenomenon of ‘retail therapy’ has been indeed very therapeutic to the online vendors and store-owners. Amazon, only, was able to grab 280 Billion US dollars in revenue in 2019. 

Enterprises like portable home fitness equipment, meal ordering services, arts and craft equipment, artisan baking kits and clothing saw a very high demand in 2020. As an afterlight, here are our 5 expert tactics to introduce your eCommerce business to a wider audience, as inspired by Forbes. 

  1. Respect Your Business

You are clearly mistaken if you just regard your product as the most integral part of your business. Of course, your product is your reflection, however, a respectable business in its very core earns the respect of its consumers. Before your launch product, it is profoundly necessary that you have a well-crafted social mission, fundamental philosophies, core values and your embracement of social responsibility. Once you craft such notions, you also live by them. Your customers want to see your credibility and in 2020, there’s a very enclosed platform for the business who do not care about the communities they are involved with, and that includes your employees. It is important to give back to the community that plays a vital role in driving your audience to loyal customers. 

One part of expanding your business on a national or a global scale is to diversify or multiply your consumers. However, as a new business owner, the best strategy is to think about a niche track. The idea is simple: make your business popular within a narrow group of audience but be very detail-oriented and deep with your customer engagement. As opposed to a wider reach, a narrow approach maximizes the chances of gaining initial traction. Indulging into email marketing and newsletters to keep up with effective customer communication. Remember: to make your business a long-term success, first make it a short-term phenomenon. 

Understand this: your customers want to connect with the authenticity of your business, and that factor lies within the brand story of your start-up. Your customers want to know that along with your product, you are a good brand too. Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Toms Shoes, was inspired by the hardships faced by under-privileged children in Argentina growing up with no shoes. To this day, Toms gives a pair of shoes to children in need for a pair they sell. Now that is a captivating brand story that automatically resonates with customers. Understand the ‘problem’ that inspired you to start your business and capitalize on your ‘solution.’


To advertise your product, give your content a special care. That is the image of your brand because words have much more power than you realize. Use an engaging and audience-appropriate vocabulary. Don’t be too wordy or too silent, strike a balance. Your content directly links with your advertisement. Hence, you’re required to keep deep insights on your competitions; you can do so by Facebook Ad library. Now find a catchy slogan, because as Bill Gates said, ‘Content is king.’


In order to give your business a long-term reach, you need to understand the gravitas of planning ahead in the short-term success phase of your business. Your first 50 customers are the backbone of your upcoming customer loyalty, hence, it is imperative to design such alluring marketing capacities that customer retention is maximized. Evolve your business with technology because advancement waits for no one. To design your customer loyalty plan with eWizTech, click here.